Frequently Asked Questions

What Is SuperX Pro?

SuperX Pro is a Linux-based operating system (or distribution) based on SuperX open source project. The SuperX Pro comes with enhancements suited for professional environments when compared to SuperX open source project coupled with dedicated support.

Is SuperX Pro available as free download?

Yes, you can download SuperX Pro for free and get a 14 days trial before committing to buying the subscription.

Where can I buy SuperX Pro?

You can buy SuperX Pro subscription online from our web store here and also from our authorized resellers mentioned here.

Why do you charge for open source software?

We don’t. In fact SuperX open source project is available for free of cost.

We charge a subscription for SuperX Pro to provide the users with enhancements and technical support necessary for professional work spaces.

Further, when you buy SuperX Pro you also help the upstream open source projects as we are committed to contribute a percentage of our income to upstream open source projects.


I am not in India, can I buy SuperX Pro?

Yes you can buy SuperX Pro from anywhere in the world and be eligible for remote technical support.

We however do not provide on-site support outside of India.

Can I become a reseller?

Yes! Please contact sales for details here.